Incoming District Governor, Siti Zubaidah was approached by Prudential for a project that they are currently working on in Kelantan. The details of the project is available at the link below:-

The objective of the project is to construct 14 new 2 storey houses on 2.5 meter high stilts in Kampung Serasa, Dabong, Kelantan sized 800 square feet each. The volunteering durations currently available are as follows:-

Batch 2: 16 to 21 May (40 more volunteers required)
Batch 3: 23 to 28 May (33 more volunteers required )
Batch 5: 6 June to 11 June (78 more volunteers required)

Download the Rebuilding Briefing Pack here.
There is no registration fees or charges imposed on volunteer, everything is paid for, i.e. accommodation, food and transportation (save and except transportation to the designation meeting point in Kuala Lumpur). They just need more volunteers to assist them in the rebuilding mission in Kampung Serasa.

Due to the shortage of time, for those who is interested to become a volunteer in any volunteering duration as stated above, kindly contact Incoming DRR Steven at ON OR BEFORE 15 MAY 2015.

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