Welcome to Rotary Year 2019/20 – Rotary Connects the World! I am honored to pen my message here as a newly inducted District Rotaract Representative of District 3300 to an organization that I have love and admire for many years and looking forward to contribute my knowledge and experience that I have learned from this wonderful organization to members and community.

I recall when I first join Rotaract 10 years ago, I am not fluent in English and lacking social life, so my brother (who is now a Rotarian) brought me into this organization to meet friends and trying my best to brush my English. It was torturing in the beginning because I do not understand anything during club meeting and I have difficulties to do public speaking to my club members. From practice, I am able to speak English at a steady pace. I also meet amazing people around me who are patient enough to explain what Rotaract is and what can we do for ourselves and the community. Now, I am proud to call myself a Rotaractor. Rotaract has inspired me to do more and I wish my small life experience can inspire and connects more people to join this organization.

Similar to the theme that was chosen by Rotary International President, Mark Daniel Maloney – Rotary Connects the World which was launched during the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, he said “The first emphasis is to grow Rotary – to grow our service, to grow the impact of our projects, but most importantly, to grow our membership so that we can achieve more..” where I find this quote related to my belief. Rotaract is a platform where you will be able to grow without conscious. It doesn’t have to be big and impactful projects; or how much funds can be raised for any organization, but improving your soft skills such as time management, communication skills, problem-solving skills, adaptability, team player and so on which can be able to assist you in real life.

Before I end my note, I look forward to a great year ahead by working with my District Team, Rotaractors and Rotarians. Let’s take this opportunity to learn from Rotaract and one day, we can stand together on the platform and tell the world that you are a Rotaractor.

Thank you.



Chestal Chin Su Xian

District Rotaract Representative RY2019-20

Rotaract District 3300 Malaysia