When someone asks us “What is Rotaract?”, what do we say? When someone raises this common question, I believe most Rotaractors have experienced that at times, we feel at a loss for words to find an answer. This is because in our current era, there are simply too many organizations out there, each having their own distinct focus, some that I must admit are either doing better or at least on par with us.

However, what makes us beautiful is that we are an organization that diversifies into different paths of life. We have our community service avenue, suitable for those who wish to contribute back to the community; we have our international service avenue, in which we focus on international projects and events for those who like to expand their network and know more people globally; we have our club service avenue, dedicated to ensure all members are comfortable being part of our organization, hence our motto of “Fellowship through Service”; and lastly the professional development avenue, or what I often refer as “personal development” for those that always wish to learn and experience more from different fields.

Our beloved RI President for RY17/18, Ian H.S. Risely, through setting this year’s Rotary theme of “Rotary – making a Difference”, urges all members of the Rotary family to make a bigger difference through more effort, to more people, and in more ways than ever. To be part of that ambitious goal, albeit playing only a small role as the DRR of D3300 Malaysia, I sincerely call for all Rotaractors of our district to “just be different” and enjoy the RY17/18 term together with me. All of us are born differently and I do believe that these differences within all of us will truly inspire others and make a little bit of difference in the lives of others.

With a great strong team of Excos in D3300, I believe that we will have an awesome year ahead and I hope that the bonding of all members in the district will become stronger, despite all of our differences.

If you were here to ask, “What is your goal and direction for this district, DRR Ben?” To be honest, I do not have big ambitions, all I hope is that all clubs can come together as one and serve happily, as per our motto “Fellowship Through Service”, fellowship always comes first.

In the end, you may ask me once more “What is Rotaract?”. I end this short message with one of my favourite sayings – ‘Rotaract turns strangers into family’. This would be my answer to the question.


Benjamin Lee
District Rotaract Representative
Rotaract District 3300 Malaysia