Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference (“APRRC”) is an annual Rotaract Conference hosted by a country within the Asia Pacific Region. The main aim of APRRC is to bring Rotaractors from the Asia Pacific Region together, with the objective of establishing a common ground for discussions and platform to share views and ideas in furtherance of the ideals and objectives of Rotaract. Primarily, the APRRC seeks to encourage and stimulate participants to develop views and ideas on various service avenues in Rotaract, and translate them into actions for the benefit of their respective communities.

This year, a total of 28 Rotaractors from 7 Clubs representing Rotaract District 3300, Malaysia attended the Asia Pacific Regional Rotaract Conference 2015 held in Yogyakarta – Indonesia.

APRRC 2015








During the 4 days 3 nights stay in Yogyakarta – Indonesia, the organizing committee warmly hosted all delegates to visit the Prambanan Temple at night to witness the mesmerizing Gamelan music, Kechak Dance and Ramayana performance specially sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia and also the Borobudur Temple, the famous Buddhist temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides, the delegates were also arranged to explore the Javanese culture such as making of bakpiah, batik, pencak silat, music and dance.

Besides meeting some familiar faces, this conference provided much opportunity for the delegates to mingle with other International Rotaractors from the neighboring countries. During the Rotaract Festival, each country would set up a booth to promote their culture, food and games. It was a great melting pot to explore the cultures, savour the delicacies and learn the games from the Rotaractors from different countries in the Asia Pacific Region.








In addition to the inter-cultural lineups, the organizing committee also arranged for different workshops that focus on the current issues in Rotaract such as sustaining membership, managing club funds, etc. Through these workshops, delegates were given a platform to exchange and share their ideas, views and opinions on various issues.

All in all, this conference provide the delegates an opportunity to learn about the people, culture and issues around Asia Pacific Region and enhance the understanding and respect between all delegates through this mutual assimilation of culture.

Regret for missing this wonderful annual conference? Stay tune and be prepared for APRRC 2016 Japan then! You may log on to or for more info! Hope to see you in APRRC 2016 Japan!

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